Welcome to the Intersection of Money & Life!

Some of us love and live for money only to be left with no one to love and no life outside of money and its pursuit. Others despise money because it has eluded them or because they’ve been hurt by its misuse.

Is money powerful? NO! It has no value other than that which we give it, but what you believe about money will determine what you do for and with it. And, as Francis Bacon said, “If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.”

Do you feel as though your financial plan is separate from (or even at times opposed to) your hopes and dreams–your plan for life? A successful financial plan must be built upon a foundation of your purpose in life. Once you understand and are confidant in your purpose, every recommendation in your financial plan will fall into place.

My purpose is to help you articulate yours…and then successfully navigate the financial landscape.

Personal finance is more PERSONAL than it is finance.

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