Fulfillment Plan App

This is the 13th exercise in a series designed to walk you through an entire financial plan.  The exercise is embedded in an Excel spreadsheet you can download and save for personal use.  You can read the backdrop for the exercise HERE, or just jump right in with the instructions given below:

This chapter’s Timely Application has three parts.  The first part is for all readers of any age, and it is an exercise to give you the opportunity to define what the optimal retirement looks like for you.  After defining retirement on your own terms, you’ll conduct some self-analysis placing your own personal tendencies on a continuum ranging from “spendthrift” to “hoarder.”  (It’s always interesting to revisit your Personal Money Story to pinpoint events in life that may have helped create these tendencies.)  After examining your strengths and weaknesses regarding short-, mid-, and long-term planning, you’ll articulate what your Fulfillment Plan would ideally look like.

The second and third parts of this exercise are for readers within striking distance of a transition toward some form of retirement.  The Retirement Income Sources tab will help you determine what your sources of income will be in retirement.  Then, contrast your expected income with a Retirement Budget to complete this chapter’s exercises.

Click HERE to access the Fulfillment Plan app!