Comprehensive Financial Planning Apps

We just finished a 16-week (total of 18-post) series offering an entire comprehensive financial plan, not for the purposes of supplanting a great financial planner, but more so to provide you with another perspective…or for the skeptics out there, a do-it-yourself roadmap.  You can get caught up with the reprise on, “An Entire Financial Plan In A Blog Post?”

As you probably already know, each descriptive post was also accompanied by “Apps” generated to help you follow up on the tangible action items that make up a genuine plan, and I wanted to provide you with a directory here:

  1. Personal Money Story App
  2. Personal Principles (Values) & Goals App
  3. Personal Financial Statements App
  4. Debt Elimination App
  5. Risk Management Matrix App
  6. Life Insurance Needs Analysis App
  7. Home & Auto Insurance App
  8. Long-Term Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance Apps
  9. Mutual Fund Audit App
  10. Annuity Audit App
  11. Tax Myths & Rules App
  12. Education Savings Plan App
  13. Fulfillment (Retirement) Plan App
  14. Estate/Legacy App
  15. Finding A Financial Advisor App
  16. The Action Plan App