What To Expect

We live in a day and age in which information is so prevalent, we rarely find ourselves lacking for data.  If anything, we have so much information at our disposal, it often leads to analysis paralysis.  Information overload has made it even more important that we find a way to connect applicable information to our lives in a way that is personal.  The realm of personal finance is one of the most fraught with an overabundance of info.  That’s where I come in.

Personal finance is more personal than it is finance.  

While there are many complex areas of financial planning that require extensive experience and education to understand and put into practice, most of the benefit to be derived from planning is not about knowing what to do, but doing what we know.  For that reason, my presentations are geared as much toward foundational wisdom, personal stories and even entertainment as they are information.  My goal is to help your audience reach a “light bulb moment,” then inspire them to action and give some accessible, practical steps to apply it so that their positive experience doesn’t end with the presentation.

Types of Events

Thanks to a background of varied experience, I am able to aid you whether you’re looking for someone to conduct a presentation to your non-profit’s board to rollout a planned giving initiative, an hour-long seminar for your company’s employees now glimpsing retirement, a keynote presentation at your conference on the intersection of money and life or a two-day workshop for couples interested in developing a deeper understanding of their personal finances.

Bringing Money to Life…or Life to Money

I enjoy doing presentations for companies, non-profits and associations filled with people whose interest and knowledge in the area of personal finance ranges from nothing to professional.  For architects, teachers or doctors, I can bring a financial perspective that is desperately needed in these days shadowed by the Great Recession; while to experienced financial planners, I can provide guidance on client interaction or media communications.

Check out a video trailer from a recent event, take a look at some prospective topics that we could customize for your audience, read some endorsements from event planners I’ve worked with, get to know me better or reach out to begin discussing how we can make your next event a great one:

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