Tim’s presentation to the Midshipmen was top notch, a riveting presentation that captured my students’ attention and continued to inspire them throughout the semester. While we had many guest speakers at the Academy, not all of them were interesting enough to arrest the attention of fatigued and sleep-deprived Midshipmen. Students often referred to Tim’s talk when citing an example of excellent presentation skills and continued to repeat his stories months after his visit. In my mind there is no greater testimony to a speaker’s effectiveness than the fact his audience learned the lessons he taught and retained them. He’s welcome in my classroom anytime.

  • LCDR Siddhartha Herdegen — Associate Chair, Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law at the United States Naval Academy

Tim knocked it out of the park for us. He covered enormous ground in an interesting and pragmatic way that made the information relevant to an incredible diverse group of management. His to the point approach and entertaining style connected with the entire group.

  • Bill McAllister — Senior Vice President, McAfee

Tim is one of the most uniquely gifted people I know when it comes to seamlessly talking about life and money. Not only is he an engaging communicator, but he is highly competent in his field of study.  I recently had the privilege of participating in a workshop Tim did with a large group of men.  I was overwhelmed not only with the command he had of his subject matter, but with the way he served those he taught.  Men left that workshop with a new paradigm of how money can be utilized to reach your life goals, without neglecting what is most important to you in trying to obtain it. When it comes to money concerns Tim is the person I looked to!

  • Pat Goodman — Senior Pastor, Community Development, Grace Fellowship Church

After hearing Tim speak and seeing how well prepared he was to handle the audience, we came to the conclusion that we made a mistake—Tim should have been either our opening or closing speaker.  Tim displayed both a high level of enthusiasm in his presentation as well as command over the audience.  I would recommend Tim and his presentation (The Next Level of the Financial Planning Process) to other chapters across the country because of both his delivery and the timeliness of his topic.

  • William B. Bissett, CFP® — 2010 President-Elect, FPA Maryland

Tim has an amazing story to tell!  And he tells it beautifully, keeping the audience fully engaged the whole time—which is rare among speakers these days.  I know if I need a timely, interesting, thought provoking, humorous, yet real, professionally delivered presentation Tim will come through and that is why he is on my short list for any programs I am involved with.

  • Caleb Brown, MBA, CFP® — Partner, New Planner Recruiting

Tim spoke at a Continuing Legal Education session at the 2011 Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) Conference entitled Home Economics 101-Financial and Legal Planning for Busy People Doing Well.  The attendees at the session expressed that he did a great job and was very knowledgeable on the subject.

  • Ajay Gohil — Conference Organizer, 2011 NetIP

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