Praise for “Simple Money”

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The problem with so much personal finance advice is that it’s unnecessarily complicated, often with the goal of selling you things you don’t need. Tim Maurer never plays that game. His straightforward, candid and yes — simple — prescriptions are always right on target. Jean Chatzky
financial editor of NBC's 'Today Show'
Some books teach you about money, and others help you find your purpose. ‘Simple Money’ is the rare, honest book that tackles the intersection between them. You can’t manage your money without thinking about your life—and the system that Tim proposes can make a radical difference in both. Chris Guillebeau
'New York Times' bestselling author of 'The $100 Startup' and 'The Happiness of Pursuit'
Once again, Tim takes us by the hand and leads us through the complicated world of personal finance. Reading this book is like having your own personal financial advisor—a great one—sitting on your shoulder, helping you make difficult decisions. From setting goals to investing to preparing for retirement, Tim shows us the way to financial prosperity. Kimberly Palmer
senior money editor at 'US News & World Report'; author of 'The Economy of You'
If you’ve ever had the urge to throw up your hands and yell ‘Enough!’ when thinking about your finances, you are on to something, and ‘Simple Money’ will help you find it.

In ‘Simple Money,’ financial expert Tim Maurer teaches us how to literally redefine wealth in a way that will both honor your life values and priorities while simultaneously reducing your stress. Maurer’s innovative ‘Enough Index’ helps you identify where you are today, financially speaking, while also giving you a clear framework for knowing what needs to change to nourish your financial life going forward.

By the time you finish reading ‘Simple Money’ you will know how to serve as your household’s CFO. Whether it’s maximizing current cash flow, investing hard-earned savings, planning for educational expenses or retirement, crafting your estate plan, or protecting your household with appropriate insurance, Maurer tells you not only what to do but why it will improve your life.
And for those of us who love to be given clear, concise checklists, ‘Simple Money’ contains a powerful top-ten list of what to do with incremental discretionary income to get yourself and your family on solid financial footing. This delightful guide will leave you with fresh financial insights, clear action steps, and a refreshingly frank discussing of how to find just the right financial professional to assist you in making the most of your hard-earned money.

‘Simple Money’ provides a unique, heartfelt road map to understanding what ‘Enough’ means in your financial life and shows you how to build a life of contentment and financial security around that blissful feeling.
Manisha Thakor
director of wealth strategies for women at The BAM Alliance; writer for 'The Wall Street Journal'

Finally, a personal finance book that isn’t only about how to improve your financial situation for the sake of just making more money; instead, ‘Simple Money’ is ultimately about how to live a more fulfilling life, and provides the financial education, along with simple (and practical!) money tools and techniques you can use to help you get there. Michael Kitces
director of financial planning at Pinnacle Advisory Group; publisher of 'Nerd’s Eye View' financial planning industry blog
Throughout ‘Simple Money,’ author Tim Maurer reminds us that ‘personal finance is more personal than it is finance.’ His easy-to-understand guidebook not only explains how to strengthen all aspects of our financial lives, but wisely insists that the place to start is by reflecting on and clarifying what is truly most important in our lives. As he explains, ‘Understanding what you value most will help simplify even the most complex financial decisions.’ As a result, I highly recommend ‘Simple Money’ as a tool for increasing both financial success and life satisfaction. Carol Anderson
president of Money Quotient
The desire to live simply and fulfilled is the key to a life well lived. Tim Maurer brings inspiration and clarity to the concept of identifying core life goals and structuring the simplest and best financial architecture to accomplish them. His edict that finance is personal is spot on. If you do the hard but gratifying work of truly knowing yourself, your financial decisions will be informed and sensible. There is also a wealth of practical how-to steps on choosing simple, appropriate investment vehicles to support the life of one’s dreams. George Kinder
author of 'Life Planning for You' and 'The Seven Stages of Money Maturity'