The Key To Good Habits: The Perfect Smoothie?

In Charles Duhigg’s eye-opening book, The Power of Habit, we learn that we are, whether we like it or not, creatures of habit. For better and for worse.

In order to help us understand how habits work, how to identify them, and how to create good ones, Duhigg introduces us to the “Habit Loop,” a cycle that begins with an (often unknown) behavioral Cue that triggers a Routine resulting in a desired Reward.

Physical exercise is something that’s important to many people, myself included, so using Duhigg’s concepts, I’ve created a reward for this desired behavior that I submit to you as nothing short of the World’s Best Protein Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie.

Yes, perhaps next year I’ll work on tempering my hyperbole habit, but for now, I’m pleased to introduce the smoothie that I only allow myself after a good trip to the gym or a yoga session:

I know people swear by their Vitamix blenders, but as a student of behavioral economics, I still can’t imagine what possible net gain in “utility” I’d experience from spending $700 on a blender.  I’m more than satisfied with my Ninja Professional blender that comes with a dedicated smoothie apparatus at a fraction of the price.

The only downside?  This smoothie is so good that I can’t order a smoothie anywhere outside of my home. Enjoy!

You can learn more about “How Habits Work” directly from Charles Duhigg by clicking here.