Life Insurance Part 2: HOW?

Just this past Thursday, we dove into the topic of life insurance with the not-so-existential question—WHY?  What is the case for life insurance at all?  If you didn’t take (a little over) 90 seconds to watch that one, you can do so by clicking HERE to see my list of life insurance “NEEDS” (those things that would be required to keep anyone you leave behind on track financially) and “WANTS” (those things that could better be described as “bells & whistles” in life insurance planning).

Today, we provide you with a primer on HOW you can begin to calculate an appropriate amount of life insurance for you as well as the type of insurance that would best suit your needs.  We hope you both learn from and enjoy “Life Insurance—HOW? (in 90 seconds).”

WHY Do You Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a heavy topic with all sorts of emotional baggage and economic bias surrounding it. While some over-simplify the process (suggesting a mere multiple of one’s salary as a recommendation), many over-complicate it on a quest to make a big commission through the sale of a bells-and-whistles life insurance policy.

It’s a challenge to summarize this topic at all, but that didn’t stop me from trying… This 90 Second Finance video is Life Insurance, Part I: WHY? and I’ll be following that with Part II:HOW? this coming Monday. So how about dedicating 180 seconds to better understand the role of life insurance in your financial realm?