Speaking Topics

For Non-Financial Audiences:

The Ultimate Financial Plan — This is a presentation designed as a comprehensive overview of one’s personal finances for a seminar or workshop setting in a half- or full-day format, although it can be adapted to a fast-paced hour-long survey session.  The session is tailored to your audience, and each attendee receives a copy of the book I co-authored with best-selling author, Jim Stovall, The Ultimate Financial Plan: Balancing Money and Life to allow a deeper review of everything discussed.  The session begins addressing our underlying beliefs about money and the importance of articulating our values and goals to begin the financial planning process and increase our probability of success.  Then refreshingly new looks at cash flow management, investing, insurance, income taxes, education planning, estate planning and retirement planning are addressed.  Longer sessions include break-out sessions and working through individual and group exercises.

The Ultimate Retirement Plan — If you represent a company, association or organization with concentrations of loyal employees now glimpsing retirement, this presentation is designed to help prepare them for that new phase of life.  Following the Ultimate Financial Plan methodology, the session ranges a comprehensive spectrum, but with a more specific focus on the myriad of transitional decisions facing retirees.  This presentation can also be adapted to an hour survey format, but takes on a fuller form in a half-or full-day session.

The Action Plan — The Action Plan is a presentation still grounded in the broad context of money and life, but more focused towards the issues specifically facing your audience.  For example, The Action Plan: Young Couples and Money.  Other focuses could be on other specific demographics, professions or areas of common interest.

Giving and Planned Giving for Non-Profits — I have a heart for the work of those individuals and organizations dedicated to education and serving the underserved.  I’ve designed sessions specific to the concept of giving and planned giving, in which I simplify the concept, making it tangible for your board or giving base.  I also conduct educational sessions for your relationship management team to help them better understand the inner workings of some primary planned giving strategies to better prepare them for conversations with major donors.

Money and Faith — Who said we’re not supposed to talk about money and religion?  In this session, I take on both of them.  Money is one of the most common influences in our lives because it is involved in nearly every decision we make; and faith is often an integral part of our values and the principles we live by.  But reconciling the two is a challenge for many of us.  Any of the above sessions can be adapted within the context of a faith setting for your church or ministry, or we can design a unique presentation for your youth, men’s or other group.

For Financial Audiences:

The Next Level of the Financial Planning Process (Is Actually the Second Step) — With the Certified Financial Planner™ planning process as its backdrop, I examine one of those formative steps—gathering data—with a client-centric focus designed to derive more and better information while engendering a greater level of trust.  In this session, I also provide a survey of the leading “life planning” tools and how advisors can integrate them into their process to enhance the data gathering process while encouraging planners to develop their own tools to best suit their practice and their clients.

Financial Advisors and Media Communication — In this presentation, I explore the role of media interaction in the profession of financial planning and how one can effectively communicate through various traditional and social media outlets.  We live in a world in which methods of personal and media communication are evolving at an ever-quickening pace, but we’re in an industry notorious for clinging to antiquated methods of, well, everything…including communication and interaction with the media.  More importantly, we serve a diverse clientele—spanning many generations, each more and/or less interested in various forms of communication and media consumption.  Backed by my experience in radio, TV, print, publishing and social media, I help advisors discover whether media interaction should be a part of their practice and if so, how.

Keynote Presentations:

The Timeless and Timely Nature of Your Story: Understanding Your Story and Helping Your Clients Find Theirs — I have had the very unique and special experience of working with one of the great speakers of our generation, Jim Stovall.  Jim is probably most well-known for the amazing success of his book, The Ultimate Gift, which has sold over four million copies and was turned into a movie by Twentieth Century Fox.  But Jim’s success in writing and movies was really a product of his success as a platform speaker.  Through my work with Jim in our co-authored sequel to The Ultimate GiftThe Ultimate Financial Plan, Jim and I are also collaborating to create an unforgettable keynote presentation for your next conference.  There are many more details on this concept, and I look forward to sharing them with you upon your request.


I’d love to talk to you about your next event:

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