Finding A Financial Advisor App

This is the 15th exercise in a series designed to walk you through an entire financial plan.  The exercise is embedded in an Excel spreadsheet you can download and save for personal use.  You can read the backdrop for the exercise HERE, or just jump right in with the instructions given below:

Fiduciary Questionnaire

The compensation methodology and regulatory oversight of your financial advisor are not the only thing to consider when choosing an advisor, but they are a very important part of the picture.

You can also navigate directly to the following website to find a downloadable, printable questionnaire you can use to ask your advisor or a prospective advisor to complete for you.  At the end of the questionnaire is a Fiduciary Oath you should ask your current or prospective financial advisor to sign, showing their willingness to put your interests ahead of their own, or those of their company.

Navigate to the Fiduciary Questionnaire by clicking HERE.

And of course, you can also read more on the topic in the book Jim and I co-authored, The Ultimate Financial Plan, in Chapter 15, “The Gift of Discretion: Choosing a Financial Advisor.”

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3 thoughts on “Finding A Financial Advisor App

  1. This was interesting. I found your material via fi360′s blog today. I live in New Zealand (“down under” as we say, across the sea from Australia). Here, we have a relatively new regulatory environment where, before any adviser can speak to a “retail” (as opposed to wholesale/sophisticated) client, a Disclosure Statement must be provided. It details all material relationships, sources of remuneration etc. Our Financial Advisers Act (see New Zealand Government legislation website – free down loads) prevents use of the word “independent”. Advisers (including brokers) are required to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct (also available via Financial Markets Authority’s website) where the first Code Standard is a fiduciary one. The Code and the legislation deal elegantly with all of these issues, in my view. Take a look.

    • Katrina,

      I’m so appreciate for your input. The regulatory reform in the New Zealand advisory realm is so admirable, and acually looked to as a model for those in the States. Thanks so much for sharing–I hope you’ll stay in touch!